First Alpha creates value in the E&P and ESTE sectors through our collaborative investment approach and by working with highly experienced and focused management teams. In the E&P sector we add value through field rejuvenation projects, de-risking low cost discoveries, and pursuing near-field exploration opportunities. In the ESTE sector we turn around and grow fundamentally solid businesses that are facing financial difficulties after the oil price reset and we develop game-changing technologies and business models.

We are value driven investors that de-risk and grow oil & gas resources and enhance the performance of and grow ESTE franchises. Our investment model is at its core a contrarian one - we do not follow the herd. First Alpha has been established as a counter-cyclical and long duration investor at target points in the energy value chain where the team has deep knowledge, direct hands-on experience and insights which garner true competitive advantage.

First Alpha's investment strategy is crafted to maximize value creation per unit of capital deployed. The generational oil price reset has unlocked an unprecedented range of investment opportunities as:

  • Upstream asset owners redefine their investment priorities, restructure their portfolios and shrink their capital budgets;
  • Capital markets becoming more challenging for smaller players to access, thus imposing extreme capital rationing;
  • Most parts of the supply chain struggle with a structural excess of capacity and much softer pricing; and
  • Private equity energy sector capital is magnetized to North America and away from the international arena.