Tanya Hitchens

Tanya Hitchens

Chief Operating/Financial Officer | London

Tanya Hitchens has been involved in the oil sector since 1999, when she was working on the buy-side researching global oil stocks and advising fund managers on stock selection.

Tanya worked as Specialist Sales for the oil team at Cazenove & Co. and subsequently at Teather and Greenwood joining a new resources team. Here she worked as Specialist Sales for Oil and assisted with fund raisings for both the mining and the oil companies.

Tanya joined Heritage Oil in 2008, shortly after it had listed in the UK, as Head of Investor Relations. During her time at Heritage she was responsible for all aspects of internal and external communications. The Company was acquired in 2014.

Since 2014 Tanya has worked as a communications consultant in the oil & gas industry, working for Small and Mid Cap oil companies. Tanya has a Ph.D from Southampton University and her thesis title was “Financial Markets, Portfolio Theory and the Credit Crunch”.